homeschool consultation

Let’s face it. A lot of people never planned on homeschooling their kids. But then came 2020 and the Coronavirus. Boy oh boy, do plans change. Some families are using this year to try something they’ve always considered doing–educating their kids at home. Others are just trying to survive. Both families are scared to death about how to be successful. We don’t know what the next months are going to bring with the schools in our community, but we know that there are a whole lot of families who have decided to stick with homeschooling and want some help working out the details.

Maybe you’ve decided to stick to teaching your kids until they head to college, or you’re only teaching until the health department graphs look more like a ski slope instead of the upward track of a rollercoaster. You don’t have to decide about the rest of your child’s education today–just look at what you’re going to do tomorrow. We’ll help you figure out how to take the next step in the homeschool world. We’ve done it. We’ve got your back.

Email if you have questions, otherwise, click a link below and get in line for some peace of mind.

Hourly Services

This service is great for a family who knows the “why” behind their homeschool, and just needs focused help.

  • specific questions
  • problem solving
  • mapping out high school
  • organizing a transcript
  • navigating college applications

$50/hour one-on-one meeting with expert

Goal Setting & Program Building

If you are just starting out and brand new to the homeschool world, this is where to begin.

You’ll have an extended time with the consultant and come away with a written report outlining topics specific to your family.

  • Mission statement
  • Goal setting
  • Curriculum guidance
  • Practical tips for daily plans

$200 for extended session with consultant

Parent Group

The kids have their own support systems. This one is for parents.

Check our event page for nighttime support groups for parents only.

The session starts with a short topic led by a homeschool veteran and ends with the feeling that you aren’t in this alone. We may teach our kids at home, but we’re a community.

We’re stronger together.

Meet the expert!

Janet grew up in a family of teachers, but she took the long way to find her true calling. She graduated from Michigan State University with a marketing degree and worked in corporate offices for almost a decade before leaving that world to educate her four children. She has been teaching her children for the past 25 years and considers them the best part of her resume!

Her youngest child, Emily is entering high school and is already a skilled musician, playing in the beginner’s orchestra at Charles Stanley’s church and teaching her own piano students. She excels at academics and thrives in debate and public speaking as well as sports.

Christian is also a musician, the lead cellist in the Worship Orchestra. He leaves for college this fall to pursue a mechanical engineering degree. During high school, he was diagnosed with and treated for a life-threatening childhood cancer. He underwent chemotherapy during his sophomore year, but despite that, he thrived in academics. He completed 1 1/2 years of college via the dual enrollment program and earned a full tuition scholarship to Liberty University.

Hannah graduated with a bachelor’s degree in music. She earned enough college credits while in high school that she was just two credits shy of simultaneously being a senior in high school and college! She currently runs a private piano and violin studio and teaches group violin classes at Sounds of Praise in Jasper, Georgia.

Michael is in his fourth year of dental school after graduating as valedictorian of his class at Reinhardt University. He competed in classical piano while finishing his biology degree and in dental school was nominated as student government president for the entire student body. He will pursue an orthodontic residency at the completion of dental school.

Janet knows from experience the importance of setting goals and building a homeschool program around those goals, all the while holding oneself accountable along the way. She’s ready to share what she knows and loves with other parents and can help set a framework for success.