About us

In 2007, the owner of Clayton Homestead had a choice to make: pursue a corporate career or homeschool her children. Ultimately, she took her business suit to Goodwill and bought books about teaching children how to read. It was the best decision she ever made.

Now she has a chance to bring the homesteading life she loves to the the community she ‘s a part of. Living a basic, self-reliant life isn’t just theory to her. If she’s not in the store, chances are she’s in her garden at home, in the kitchen canning jam, or in the schoolroom teaching math.

She knows what it means to get back to the basics, and she’s ready to help you do the same.


” I am thrilled to welcome a homesteading supply store to the Clayton community. The uniqueness and quality of the merchandise, the homegrown feel of community, and the instructions that I need to help me get back to the basics are just some of the reasons I love Clayton Homestead. In the ever-changing, unpredictable landscape of today‚Äôs world, we need self-sufficiency and community more than ever. BTW I love my “prepper” towels!” ~Amy R., Ball Ground

“Heidi is well known for her love of community and working together to achieve greater goals such as homesteading which is her passion. My children and I have benefited from time spent with her in learning how working together can bring a community closer.”

“Clayton Homestead has everything a cat needs.”